Uncommon Ways to Save Money : Netflix Share & Internet Share

February 20th, 2014 Posted in Tips on How to Save Money

SHARING – one of the most important personal virtues that I’ve learned in my primary school years. This life taught virtue has helped me a lot over the past 30 years saving me quite a bit of excruciation, frustration and some money. In the university, I garnered quite the reputation for influencing others into buying stuffs that could help them save on the total cost of their purchases. I quickly realized that sharing a regular monthly subscription plan like Netflix or other services like an ultra-speed fiber internet connection from Verizon or LightTower can save me a bucket load of my scarce money. It’s so easy to do as well.

Sharing a monthly movie subscription service is unbelievably simple and cost efficient. Our most likely share-partners can often be our next door neighbors. Your office colleagues, co-workers and close friends can be great potential candidates to make awesome subscription partners too. Netflix is by chance one of the most suitable subscriptions to share with taking into consideration their system of running it.

By configuring a profile for yourself and the share partner you are dealing it with, you both can be certain to obtain what you wanted without running the dangers of one subscription partner taking all of their chosen movies and television shows at once. You can also share Netflix’s Watch Instantly feature making it easily doable to watch a movie you like on-hand despite the fact that you are only sharing a 2 – DVD movie plan.

Now here’s one twist, instead of paying for a monthly Netflix subscription, why not find free Netflix accounts instead? If you are lucky to find one, then it’s gonna be extremely awesome! There a lot of websites giving off free Netflix login accounts. Not to be too greedy about it, but if you can find a share partner for this free Netflix account too, then you are up for an extra income.

Another dandy way to save cash by sharing is to share and divide your ultra-fast fiber internet service with your next door neighbors. With the current advanced state of the wireless technology bundled with its reducing cost, it becomes very easy and budget-friendly to create and setup you own shared network. A setup like this would really work out a lot better for apartment residents. If the apartments are not that big, then you can share your wireless internet network with 3 to 5 of your neighbors – but not more than that. This will greatly reduce your own internet cost even further. You might even earn a few bucks from this if you share it to them at a fixed minimal cost. Just don’t forget to check the range of your wireless network. Avoid running cables as it’s kinda untidy and too obvious. And you might need a lengthy one so it would require an additional cash outlay.

Most WIFI users, your internet share-partners are not so particular about latency and speed issues from a shared network connection. Even for both mid-users and high-demand users, they would not make a fuss about it because just like you, they are also able save money on this.

SHARING a subscription or service is an excellent means of cutting costs. And at the same time, you are able to help your friends save too. Before you sign-up with your share partners, be sure to lay down all the cards. Sit down over a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer and explain everything to them : the share cost, when to pay, and what to pay and what to do if it doesn’t work.

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